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The hip

Hip surgery is one of those surgical treatments that has undergone the most dynamic development and improvement in recent years. The implants are more durable and of higher quality, the interventions can now be performed in a minimally invasive way, and the healing process until the patient can bear weight again is thus much faster – with a new hip, patients can now often walk again after a few days. I often treat hips in conjunction with knee surgery, as one deformity often causes another and my goal is to get the entire musculoskeletal system functionally mobile again.

My treatment spectrum - hip


Coxarthrosis is the wear and tear of the hip joint caused by long-term incorrect loading. Even during normal or healthy walking, the hip must support three to four times the body weight with each step. Incorrect movements, shortened muscles – which are extremely strong, especially in the hip – or unfavorable sports accelerate the wear and tear of what is after all the second largest joint in the body.


Bony changes in the glenoid cavity and the joint head restrict mobility. In this painful disease of the hip, the cartilage is also heavily stressed and subsequently worn away.